My name is Laurent Le Souquet.


I started in hospitality over 35 years ago with Michelin starred French restaurants and hotels. 


In mid-August 2015, I joined Northey Street Organic Farm as a food consultant and promptly fell in love with organics!


Working with fresh, seasonal, hand-picked ingredients, gave me the idea to make one of my favourites, the iconic Australian pie, 100% organic (with a French touch of course).


Organic Happy Kitchen was born. In December 2015, we started selling organic pies and organic omelettes every Sunday morning at Northey Street City Farm Organic Market.


Following on from the strong demand for our pies, we launched to facilitate orders and requests.

Due to COVID-19, we stopped selling at
Northey Street City Farm Organic Market and now do contactless home deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays throughout Brisbane.


Get in touch whenever you’re ready, we hope to see you very soon.

Bon Appétit


Laurent Le Souquet

Laurent Le Souquet

Executive Chef and Owner

Organic Happy Kitchen